Welcome to my Blog

20150818_163132_Richtone(HDR)Hello, I am Jason Mann

I married my sweet wife, Senja, in February of 2003. The Lord has been gracious to entrust us with three wonderful children, Micah, Laura and Heidi.

June 2013 I completed  Grace Baptist Bible Institute. I am currently on prefield preparations as my family and I have surrendered to the call of reaching Hungarians for Christ.  If your church is interested in knowing more about having us in your church please visit this page for full details. I am also continuing my education through Patriot University where I hope to complete my education with a doctorate in Biblical Counseling.

I have been involved with and in every area of ministry that a lay person can be. Growing up in church and being active in door knocking and inviting folks to church is the heart of my childhood memories. I have a heart for serving, leading and loving others to Christ through the example of my life. May God receives the Glory from my life.

My goals of this blog are threefold:

  • To bring God glory.
  • To help me grow in communicating to others with what God put’s on my heart.
  • To encourage others in their walk with God.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, feel free to email at jason@gothyway.com.

Thank-you and May God bless you






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