Am I twig or a fig?

I read the account of when Jesus walked by a dead fig tree. God in the flesh looked upon this nonuseful tree and told it to wither up dry. Being questioned on why He did this, he says it has no fruit so what good is it to be here, remove it. This is of couse in my words of what was said. What does that passage say to you? Jesus goes on to talk about faith and having none and what you can do when you do have faith. But that tree, it was pretty, it was useful at one time. It did do what it was designed to do. Not anymore no fruit was found, it became fruitless. This reminds me of my life at times. I get so busy just being green and enjoying the sun that I’m no longer fruitful. Every time I read this I wonder if Jesus came to me would he tell me to wither up as He did that tree? Never mind I know that answer. What about. What would your answer be, where are your figs? Remember He came to the fig tree looking for food. Just a thought…


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