One thousand and thirty seven times therefore is in the KJV. I have always heard when you see a therefor ask why it is there for. Go ye therefore….  Defined as for that reason or into this cause. Therefore …Christ says All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.Go ye therefore, and
1. teach all nations,
2.baptizing them in the name of the
b.and of the Son,
c.and of the Holy Ghost:
3.Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo
4. I am with you
b.even unto the end of the world.
5.Amen. Matthew 28
We are given all power from Christ, it is his to give. Because he gave us this power he telss us what to do with it. Therefore because I have power to heal power to save and power to forgive GO and TELL those that don’t know that it is in my power to do these things. Therefore or within this power I COMMAND you as my follower to teach, to preach, to baptize in my Name.
Shooo go I am leaving you the comforter don’t be afraid. Just GO.  For the reason of my birth life and death and resurrection go tell others.  Power is givin are we taking it? Is it left to ourselves or do we use it. Do we put the power therefore, or within us and GO!.

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