Today your the Samaritan

Luke records a parable told by Jesus of the Good Samaritan. We know the story. If you aren’t familiar with it it can be found in Luke 11 29-37.

Today I will meet a man who the world has beaten up and striped of hope. I am not sure when or where but I will. You will as well. Remembering that the priest didn’t help this man, the Levite didn’t help this man, they looked away. It was the guy that shouldn’t have helped that helped. Yes, the Samaritan was busy. Paying for a man who was beat up to stay in an inn wasnt in the budget, it wasnt in the budget of time or money. My question is when we see someone who is hurting today will use of the talents God gave you to help. Will you take out of your time and money and resources to help? The last thing Jesus says in this passage is “Go and do thou, likewise.”


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