Whom I serve

Acts 27:23

I am preparing a whole sermon from this story but for now this one vs is worthy of mentioning.
“And whom I serve,”. Paul says this as he stands and address the sailors and guards and even other prisoners. They are in the midst of a great storm, fear has encamped every soul. The heart beats are racing as the boat is tossed. Paul stands and say’s that the angel of the God has spoken to him and there is now no reason to fear. Umm hello, yes you Paul your in the midst of a great storm!! Did you miss that point? Are you sick? To this Paul says in vs 25 “be of good cheer”! What cheer? Paul continues to say “I believe God”.
Earlier in this story we see the head guard was told by Paul not go through this passage way but to wait the storm out, he didn’t listen. Instead he followed the advise of the Captain. Paul stands in the midst of the ship, as a prisoner and says don’t be scared be happy! Now get this, because I BELIVE GOD!

In life we have storms, you can insert yours here.._______. The question is, who do we believe God or the captain of the ship? That is to say do we follow mans ideas or fixing problems or do we say I believe God.


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