Drinketh of this water

John 4:13-14

The story of Jesus meeting the women at the well is often spoken of in the Church. It is a story that is told over and over, why is that because it is told to tell us that we are to serve where we are at. It has been said that Jesus must needs, and that we must needs as well. We are shown how Jesus knew the Women and her past life and still talked with her. How that the Samaritans were the outcast and that we need to go to the outcast but there is something that I believe is overlooked. It is an important yet simple set of words contained in this lesson. Drinketh of this water. You see Jesus gave the women a choice… Keep doing what you have always done or come to me and I will give you water of everlasting life.

Complete Sermon outline ..Drinketh of this water


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