Perry Noble | Leadership, Vision & CreativityPerry Noble | Leadership,
Vision & CreativityGod doesn’t want to see your “but!”

Your “but” is nasty…it is gross…it should be covered up and never
shown…Yet so often times we want to “moon God” and show Him our “but”
when God’s Word is declared…“I know I need to plant a church…”BUT” I
don’t have enough money.”

“I know I need to take that step of faith…”BUT” I don’t know how
things will turn out.”“I know I need to admit that I am struggling
with sin…”BUT” I am afraid of what people will think of me.”

“I know I need to share Christ with my friend…”BUT” they may label me
and I may lose a friend.”“I know I need to put Jesus first in my
finances…”BUT” I don’t think I can afford to.”

“I know I need to end this dating relationship…”BUT” if I do then I
may be single for the rest of my life.”“I know that God wants me to
fight FOR my marriage…”BUT” the easiest thing to do is walk away and
start over.”

“I know the decision I need to make…”BUT” if I do what I know I need
to do it is going to cause me to have to embrace the unknown.”See what
I mean…we always want God to see our “BUT!”…and yet He isn’t

He sent Jesus to the earth for your “BUT!”Jesus died on the cross for
your “BUT!”Jesus rose from the grave for your “BUT!”And Jesus reigns
OVER YOUR “BUT!”So stop telling Him about your “BUT” – get off of your
“BUT” and get on with what He has said to get on with!!!

No one ever accomplished anything great for God by showing Him their
“BUT!”He is able to handle your “BUT!”So do whatever He’s telling you
to do…and stop worrying about your “BUT!”


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