The Great Recovery, God’s Way

Pro 22:27 KJV – If thou hast nothing to pay, why should he take away thy bed from under thee?

This is an attempt to collect a debt, any and all information will be used for this purpose. I am required to say this for my job on every call I make to a debtor. I collect default student debt for Sallie Mae. When it come’s to collection’s I know what I am doing. For almost 5 years I have talked to and worked with folks young and old on repayment of debt. I personally have been and am in debt to others.

Senja and I went through financial Peace University this past spring. The change has been great. It is a battle to change spending habits. It isn’t easy to be at the store and run out of money in the envelope before filling the cart. Dave talks about the borrow being slave to the lender, Prov 22:7 all the time. He drills that lesson from Gods word into the heart of his students. I was reading that vs today and i came to vs 27 and I can relate to that one.

I have experienced debt. I have experienced repossen of a truck. I have been denied credit more than i have been approved for credit. I know what slave to the lender means. But I found hope in vs 27. 

Think of it…. if thou hast nothing to pay they wont take your bed.   

I once thought it was a good idea to go to a 90days same as cash place and purchase a bed from them… (that was dumb)  and of course for 10 more dollars I can have a 32in tv to watch in my (their) new bed.   I found something out.. You don’t pay on time then 2 men show up faster than when it was delivered to take it back.  I lost this bed and tv that I “worked so hard for”  I did get the bed back again it was dumb.  My point to all this,

Change is needed. I watched a you tube video of Dave Ramsey discuss what the Lord has placed on his heart to do, to start a great recovery.  I am tired of talking to people who are chained to debt. I am tired of hearing how bad things are in this economy. Watching and listening to people talk about the bondage of debt is annoying me. If it is annoying me How much more is it annoying their Creator? Lets Change!  Please watch this talk Dave has. Please join in  this Great Recovery of your home, your town, your State and your Country.

Let’s not have our bed’s taken from us anymore.


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