Act 1:8  But ye….

Ye is you, you are ye. Me is ye and I is ye. Christ address the small crowd that gathered to listen to him preach. This was not new Jesus preached many times to his followers. Forty days after rasin himself from the dead (there’s a thought to ponder) Christ is teaching his followers and tells them he is now going back to Heaven. He entered the world with a purpose, to die for us. Jesus say’s looking at believers (you or ye) to witness to others about who Jesus is. Why is it that we can read Jesus say “Go” yet we don’t. A friend of mine says Christians are goers or senders I say some (most) Christians are sitters. Sitting on the sidelines saying I am saved who cares about them. Jesus promised we have power yet we quench the very Holy Spirit that tells us to witness. I know of  Christians that watch TV more than any other desire(at least it appears this way). I hear in the hallways of church guys talking of sports but what about the empty seat in their car? Could it have been filled with a lost soul?  Lord help my intensive heart, allow me to see people as you do so I may be a ye and go and not a hypocrite and stay.


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