I had a great year in school.

*This is written as a specific letter to my classmate at GBBI however all can benefit from it.

I had a great year at GBBI, there was the all the test’s and the 14,000 questions that a certain teacher gave us weekly. Of course English was online and if you took it then you know. The pop quizzes of Mulins and the priceless stories of Dr Head. I am really not sure how to political (jk) run a church but I have learned to take my wife on visitation. HA. Spradling with all the woes and foes that he taught  us were great Isn’t God good. For me the lessons Bro Mullins shared from all his personal church plants and take overs, trials and storms  were a great encouraging. In Greek we learned to write funny little symbols and had stories of rare birds, all while digging into the real meanings of words. I had a great year. I learned a lot about the Word, about me and about loving God more. I look forward to next year to be done and God placing me in a ministry that I trust He is preparing me for more every day.
I have also learned from other great men along the way from reading and listing to folks like Dave Ramsey, Jon Acuff and Dan Miller and so many more. School starts back up in about 11 weeks. What will we accomplish in that time frame? NOTHING unless we have goals. Goals must be our goals, written, specify and in a time frame. We all have the time frame part but we all have different goals. Three of mine are the special days I have planed with each of my kids. Another goal is the completion of six classes through Patriot, yet another it to watch God provide for the mission trip Mid August( if you want to help with that then Thanks, you can do so by sending funds to Grace Baptist Church earmarked for the Aug trip for Jason).

What are yours, in another post I will in detail share mine. I would love to read yours and talk about them once class starts to see how they were accomplished. I have listed a article by Dave Ramsey that clearly details how to set and achieve goals.

I pray that all that I can call classmate except for those graduated will return refreshed, renewed and ready. Remember Pastor Green told us not to quitters but finishers for Christ. See you then!

Here is a article from the daveramsey.com site.

The Keys To Achieving Your Goals

from daveramsey.com on 08 Jan 2010
Another year and another set of resolutions. If you’re like most Americans, you’ll probably forget your goals by mid-February. So how do you make your resolutions actually happen this year?
First, keep in mind that goals are dreams; but don’t stop at just dreaming. Turn your dreams into bite-sized pieces that will gradually create a big event in your life. If you’re waiting on an outside variable to change your life, you have a long wait. You have to do something. It’s your responsibility to fix your life, not someone else’s. It’s time to sit down, make some goals, and take control. Use Dave’s online goal tracker now.
Goal setting is how you win. Once you’ve made your resolutions, they will drive you forward. The goals will motivate you to seek activities that will help you succeed. It’s not always fun, but those exercises bring you closer to your goal and make you a winner.
If you want to actually achieve your goals this year, then consider the following:
    1. Be specific
      When setting goals, be specific in what you want to achieve. Vagueness will only cause you to feel overwhelmed, and you will just give up.


  • Make your goals measureable
    In order to know if you achieved the goal, it must be measurable. For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t simply write down “lose weight” as a goal. How much weight do you want to lose? Or don’t just write “spend more time with family.” How much time do you want to spend with your family every night?



  • Are they your goals? 
    Only you can set your own goals. If your spouse, co-worker or friend sets a goal for you, you’re not going to achieve it. Taking ownership will give you more incentive to meet your goal.



  • Set a time limit
    Setting a time frame will help you set realistic goals. For example, if you want to save more money, list how much money a month you want to put into your savings account.



  • Put them in writing
    Putting your goals in writing will make you much more likely to achieve them. Write down your goals and review them often. This will give you motivation to make them a reality.


This is the process to succeed. Successful people reassess their lives and then start living intentionally, in writing, on paper, on purpose. Make your resolutions a reality in this year!
To hear him talk about goals go here Dave Ramsey Talking about Goals.

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