Luke 10- The Good Samaritan – Ready and able to serve.

Luke 10:25-37

Setting the scene. Who is here?
1. The Certain Lawyer
  • Knowing the Bible does not make you saved. The lawyer here knew the word by heart, knew the application but didn’t accept the truth in practice.
  • He was willing to follow the law but only as he saw fit, not as the law was intended.
  • He knew the right answer to the question but refused to apply it.
    • Nicodemus was the same way. He knew the law, knew the questions to ask but refused to make the decision right there and then.
  • He was willing to justify himself. This is impossible. Only Christ can justify.
  • Christ presents a question to him through this Parable.

2. The Certain Man
  • Was on a journey with a purpose
  • Maybe he was late.
  • Maybe he was rushed.
  • He never planned on getting beaten.
  • He was not the only person traveling that road.
  • We do not know much about him but we know he had provision for the journey. He was prepared for the road ahead of. He had substance about him. He was worth being mugged.

3. The Thieves
  • They planned the mugging.
  • It was probably not their first mugging.
  • They had no self-desire to work but rather to steal from those that did.
  • They wanted a hand out, not a hand up.
  • They were willing to kill to steal for a days wage.
  • They mugged the man in the day time. Their sin was open and they didn’t care.
  • They had no remorse for their open disobedience or the teaching of the Word.

4. The Priest And The Levite
  • Too busy to care about the hurt.
  • Too afraid to be seen with the hurt.
  • Too “holy” to help.
  • They walked away refusing to help the hurt man but  really were refusing to be blessed by God.
5. The Good Samaritan.
  • “But…”   It seems every time we see the word “but” in the Word of God, it is followed by a blessing.
  • He never planned on helping although he was ready and able to help and was placed there for that purpose.
  • He wasn’t afraid to be seen helping the hurt.
  • He wasn’t scared to get dirty.
  • He put his needs aside to help someone else.
  • He changed his schedule even to stay with the man over night and to watch out for his care.
  • He returned to his task but left his word to pay for any further charges that may come up.
    • This shows that his name and his word had value to the inn keeper. 
This is a parable spoken for an example of being a good neighbor. It is a practical illustration to living out the greatest of the law. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27
            This section of scripture and the placement of it is interesting. Let’s look back to the start of Luke 10.  Jesus is giving a charge to 70 zealous men who are on fire for spreading the gospel. Jesus sends out 35 groups of 2 to preach the Word and to heal the sick. He begins his charge with “The harvest is plentiful” the time is right. The winter is past. The spring rain has made a way for a ripe harvest. It is fall time now and a time to reap the rewards of the laboring summer. Jesus sends out the men saying in effect you are here the harvest and yet I still don’t have as many hands as needed to reap the harvest.
He mentions to them that harvest is so big that if you get to a person and they deny Christ to move on to the next. Does this mean we are to give up on leading others to Christ? NO. But there is a time that we leave the results to God. We are to go, tell, sow the Word and water it with the example of our life. In fact Jesus says if they do deny Him that it will be worse for them than it was in Sodom.
So as we read through
This story is a also a story of us. We are on a journey in life. We are busy going here and there and a thief has fallen upon us. Satan has stolen from us our life in Christ. He did this in the garden with Adam. We are left dead in the gutter of shame against a loving God. Today we are born with this death. It is a spiritual death. BUT!! Jesus came and scooped us up and he pours oil over our wounds. He carries us to the cross where he heals us and gives us a new life. He pays out debt. He says: I will come again! And when I come again I will settle the bill of sin with you.
Where are you going? Are prepared for the journey of life? If you have never asked for forgiveness for the debt of sin you have, now is that time. If you are saved then who are you telling? The harvest is ready for the picking. Bear Fruit: John 15.



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