Who’s Next?

This week at Grace Baptist Church we held our 67th anniversary revival services. The guest speaker was Dr John N. Hamblin. e is from Detroit, MI. For 32 years he has traveled this country preaching up a storm. I first heard him preach at Open Door Baptist Church three years ago. It was a night I will never forget. He was part of a tag team preaching team with my pastor Dr. Green. Dr Hamblin’s message was “The School of Storms”, and Dr Green preached on “What we find in the upper room”. Both of these are on the top ten best ever sermons I have heard.

I admire both my pastor and Dr Hamblin. They have stood up for the fundamentals of Baptist teaching (Biblical) through all the changes the past 30 years has brought. Just think of the world 30 years ago. I was here then but don’t remember much more than an easy bake oven and snakes in the garden.

I have heard Dr Green tell a story of Dr. Hyman Appleman and how he asked God to carry his mantle after he is gone. In the Bible Joshua shows us this. He took the mantle from Moses and carried the next generation of Israelites into the promise land. It is very Biblical to prepare for the next generation.

I was just talking with my son and he mentioned this. I told him in a year or so from now I pray to be in full-time ministry serving in some capacity. He was excited that he would be the third generation to preach. My father is currently pasturing and the Lord will lead me where he wants me as well. This will be two generations of Mann’s preaching the Word in a dark World.  Pray with me that Micah to be called into full-time ministry. Three generation of preachers would be a great testimony of God’s grace.

My pastor has retirement on his calendar of time, the date is unknown but when it arrives it will not be a surprise. He has faithful served God through Grace for many decades and it soon will be time for new leadership. When he does step down, a pulpit committee will come together and choice a candidate to recommend a man or two or more to the church to be the next pastor. It really isn’t a huge deal, Pastor Green will fade into the background and serve God in a new way and another man will step up to lead Grace. But what committee is there to replace Dr Hamblin and other great revivalist preachers. Where is the group of men that will choose him? While Dr Hamblin isn’t old by any means he is at the top of life age wise and not getting younger. He still has many bicycle kicks left I am sure. But who will travel and stir the saint when he retires?

Who will sacrifice normal for the heavenly? Who will stand and carry the truths of the Word that we fundamentally hold true. I have prayed about missions. I have prayed about pasturing, I haven’t prayed for God to open doors as an evangelist. Maybe I will. Maybe God will. This I do know I would rather hide under a rock and die than not serve Jesus. I have run from God and it was not fun. My path to serve Jesus hasn’t been revealed to me. Now as I pray for direction I will be including a wider range of service. Please pray with me as I complete my schooling this year that the area of service will be made clear to me. In the mean while I will pray for Pastor Green and the next steps God is preparing him for and for the safety of Dr Hamblin as he fly’s around this part of the globe preaching up a storm. And for my generation to stand up grab the flag pole of freedom found only in Christ. That we might wave it high and not lay it down to the political pressures of the world. May Christ be lifted high! May my children have a Fundamental heritage left to care about.


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