counsel of the ungodly

“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” Psalm 1:1

wrong way2Counsel of the ungodly” this makes me to think of so many things. Where do we get our information from? How do we know truth? Do we follow facebook and twitter friend’s more than Biblical friends? I mean do we know more about what is going on in the lives of strangers or can go into detail on how God provide for the Israelites? Do we see the wisdom in Solomon, or are we too busy wondering who wins the next reality show. (Honestly, I am trying to think of what is on T.V. now and I have no idea!)

Life is hard; there is destruction all around us. Political mess is clearly displayed. Social breakdown and ruined lives everywhere. Drugs, Immorality, Slander and dis-contentment abounds in the heart of America. Why are we shocked by this? Why do leave God and wonder why bad things happen just to run back to God and ask where he was? When we live a life distracted by the things of the world then it is no wonder that sin abounds. When was the last true repentance of sin in your life?

I am not the judge or a judge, but I live in a world that it is ok to discuss football for hours but the name of Christ mentioned gets you sent to HR. This is not ok. Taking advice and basing our life on words of wisdom by talk show host and radio guru is not going to make you better, healthier, or smarter. Reading the Bible will! In fact Ps 1:2 continues on to say, that true delightment comes from being in the Book. Read your Bible every day and you will grow, grow, grow…. As the song goes. If you, yes you spend more time in the Word of God and less time wondering what is going on in the world -then the world would be wondering what’s going on in you.

How is your church attendance? Your prayer life? What about your trust and faith life? Do you trust God? Do you have faith that HE will provide? God’s faithfulness is unending; however it cannot be expericend if you don’t have the faith to accept it. Do right. Live right. Chase God. Make choice like they really do effect and affect the rest of your life.

  • Who do talk with?
  • What is on your iPod?
  • What information do you base your decisions on?

Do follow the words here in Psalms? Circumstances do not get to decide what is right and wrong the plumb line of truth found in the Word does. Right is always right and wrong is always wroung and truth never becomes a lie until it changed and ceases to be the truth.

Chose today to serve Christ and delight yourself in his glory.


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