Budapest Visit part one

downloadWell, I want to say thank you to everyone that has prayed and did pray for our trip to Hungary. It was without a doubt a great time! This was my third trip to Hungary and each time I am there longer and learn more and more about the great need for the gospel. One event that showed us this great need is a trip into Budapest we had with Dr Green and Mark Allen the missions director of my sending church. It was the last day for Dr Green and his group to be in Hungary and as in time past we were in Budapest to enjoy the great food at a local restaurant that Dr Green loves. We traveled from Romania all day and planned to stay with missionary Jim Pranger for the night before Dr Green flew back to the states. For time sake we went downtown directly, this was a mistake. We had the van full of all the luggage while downtown. So here is the picture, an out of country van with out of country plates filled with suitcases, we should have just painted a red target on the side and had a sign that said “Van filled with valuables”. Yes, as you can guess by now we were stolen from. Several IPads and phones were taken along with a host of other things. The most important and potentially dangerous item taken was Senja’s insulin. Senja had about a day’s worth of insulin with her so that was our time frame to get more or catch a flight back to the states. This worked out well for us already being in Budapest.

to be continued…


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