Faith comes in Obedience

Text John 2:1-11
Thought : The servant’s faith was revealed through their obedience despite not understanding.

jesus-changes-water-wine-crafts-800x800Imagine that you were a server in John 2. Jesus is about to perform his first public miracle. To date, Jesus is just the son of a Carpenter (as man sees him) and has yet to reveal his power. John has proclaimed him as the Lamb of God but that is not front page news yet. So here Jesus is, at the wedding and per mother Mary’s request, he tells the servers to fill the water pots. With water. I don’t know about you but I don’t like watered down drinks. Yet this is the command, with water they are filled. To the brim. By the way a side note, Jesus never gives more than we can handle, to the brim, not more. Maybe we get panicked when we feel full to the brim but it is in these full times that he begins to work miracles. Back to the story, think about the faith of the server that followed Jesus words, dip out water (that’s what went in) and give it to the governor as wine. Now I wonder at what point the water changes, but more importantly at point did the servers change. You never can come to Jesus without change. There’s a phrase used, “but the servants knew”, see there is the change. These servants saw what Jesus did. They knew now that there was something different in Jesus. When we follow Jesus he not only will fill us to the brim but will leave us changed and ready to be used. What if the server argued that water will not work, what if he doubted the miracle. We all can learn more about Jesus as we follow his word.


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