The Eyes of Jesus

Luke 22:54-62 The viewpoint of Peter, He was the one that in Luke 22:Did the sun and moon stand still34 was told that he will deny Christ, He was the one that defend Christ in the garden and yet here we find him of in the distance, alone, yet surrounded by people. Have we felt this way? Alone, yet around by people? Remember that Peter was Jesus number one follower, they were always together and now from a distance Peter is denying that he even knows Christ. Check out these words, vs 61 and the Lord turned… Wow what words. Imagine the scene here, Jesus is off being questioned and under the keep of the guard’s who are more than happy to make him less than happy. Jesus in the midst of his trial heard the 3rd crow and looks at Peter, what were his eyes like? What was he saying with them? Were his eyes filled with disappointment, sadden heavy

hearted? Were they glaring into the very soul of Peter? Thinking about the eyes of Christ, these are the same eyes that

That saw Mary, looking down at him the manger

They saw the wise men bring gifts from afar

They read the scrolls in the temple as he taught the Scribes

They witness the descending doves from Heaven as John the Baptist baptized him

They look at the servants as he told them refill basin with water,

They got some dust in them as the straw was removed from the roof top as the lame man came down,

They were first thing that the blind man saw as Jesus healed him,

They looked into the eyes of women on the ground, reaching down with forgiveness

He smiled with his eyes as he witnessed the faith and gratitude of the healed lepers

He looked into the eyes of Martha as she rubs the ointment on his feet,

He looked at Zacchaeus as he scurried down the tree, He looked at the crowd having compassion on them

He looked at those gathered around a dead man’s cave and his eyes filled with tears as he commanded it be rolled back, and here in this text, they are looking across the way deep into the eyes of Peter. What are Jesus eyes looking at today, in your life?



Budapest Visit part one

downloadWell, I want to say thank you to everyone that has prayed and did pray for our trip to Hungary. It was without a doubt a great time! This was my third trip to Hungary and each time I am there longer and learn more and more about the great need for the gospel. One event that showed us this great need is a trip into Budapest we had with Dr Green and Mark Allen the missions director of my sending church. It was the last day for Dr Green and his group to be in Hungary and as in time past we were in Budapest to enjoy the great food at a local restaurant that Dr Green loves. We traveled from Romania all day and planned to stay with missionary Jim Pranger for the night before Dr Green flew back to the states. For time sake we went downtown directly, this was a mistake. We had the van full of all the luggage while downtown. So here is the picture, an out of country van with out of country plates filled with suitcases, we should have just painted a red target on the side and had a sign that said “Van filled with valuables”. Yes, as you can guess by now we were stolen from. Several IPads and phones were taken along with a host of other things. The most important and potentially dangerous item taken was Senja’s insulin. Senja had about a day’s worth of insulin with her so that was our time frame to get more or catch a flight back to the states. This worked out well for us already being in Budapest.

to be continued…

Ps 2 and my response to the recent shootings

Psalm 2


“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?” Psalms 2:1

How appropriate for this to be next in line to discuss. At the time of this post it is just a few days after the shooting spree at an elementary school in Connecticut. (As I spoke with my wife concerning this matter, of course the open realization is fresh, I reminded her that our own kids were in the same amount of danger the week before as they are now and that we need to trust God regardless.)


This Psalm opens up as many do with a question of the evil that is around! Why? writes the author, why? Why do the heathen… let’s talk about that… heathen. Defined as “one who worships idols, or is unacquainted with the true God” in the 1828 Webster. Why do you not understand that we live in a lost world and then get shocked when the lost, do lost things? Thy are lost, as in without hope of understanding, they inhabit and live within a spiritually dead body in complete darkness of truth.

YES! It is horrible that many little 5 year olds have died, but this is not the result of a nation with loose gun laws it is a result of a nation with no God, denying the very existence of a God, let alone the GOD. I have and 5 years old and she is wonderful. She is a blessing from God and I am required to be a steward with her life. She is not mine to own, she mine to manage for the glory of God. However when horrible things happen we as a nation should not declare that more control is needed, but more repentance of the sins of this nation. “If my people, which are called by name, humble themselves……”

This writer asks the question, why are there crazies in the world and he answers it like this. “Be wise now therefore…. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling” vs 8-10. So this remains to be the question floating around out there, How can this happen? How can a man enter a school and murder these sweet kids and teachers? Simple, he was a heathen that raged and did not serve the Lord with fear and trembling. He acted outside the Biblical principles of the WORD.

Why are the Christians of today so lax in witnessing? Why are we so stuck on the things of this decaying world? I challenge you to follow what is said here in Psalm 2 and “serve the Lord”.

This means just as Jesus instructed, with all your heart, mind and soul. What do you feed your heart? What goes into your mind? Is it a reflection of Christ? Does what you do and say reveal the Saviour? As for your soul, who does it belong to? Let me tell you now that Christ died for you; he loves you and wants to save you. Confess with your mouth, repent and be saved and thy entire house. If this happened to Adam Lanza, the gunman’s house he would not have killed so many.